Final piece



To answer some of the questions we have raised we began to turn to poetry to convey a message throughout our film.

Our film displays a paradox we have contrasted the joys of life such as birth with the depressive nature of existing in the world. We began to research poetry by Sylvia Plath that depicted her views on life. We decided we would take parts of her poems and play them over our imagery to create a clear contrast and give a lasting aftermath effect to the audience of “what is the purpose of our individual life”

“To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is a bad dream.” – bell jar

blood x3 – Uttering nothing but blood—
Taste it, dark red (childless woman)

foetus-“To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is a bad dream.” – bell jar

and if my stomach would contract
because of some explicable phenomenon
such as pregnancy or constipation(APRIL 18)

The womb
Rattles its pod, the moon
Discharges itself from the tree with nowhere to go.(CHILDLESS WOMAN)

bubbles frozen- Look how white everything is, how quiet, how snowed-in.(tulips)

popping balloons- Invisible air drifts,
Giving a shriek and pop
When attacked, then scooting to rest, barely trembling.
Rueful, most vexed, that tender skin
Should accept so fell a wound (BUCOLICS)

eggs- But they pulled me out of the sack,
And they stuck me together with

The white hive is snug as a virgin,
Sealing off her brood cells (THE BEE MEETING)

baby swimming- But I didn’t know how to cook, and babies depressed me.(THE BABYSITTERS)
I am nude as a chicken neck (THE BEE MEETING)

fish born- How her body opens and shuts (ALL APPEARANCE)

clam – “The silence drew off, baring the pebbles and shells and all the tatty wreckage of my life.” (bell jar)
Bares its low lintel to corroding weathers:
Across the jut of ochreous rock (DEPARTURE)


Due to working in a group of two we managed to split most jobs straight down the middle. We agreed that we would edit, plan, find footage and research together.

Our initial idea was to look into forms of water and their changing states. In the early stages we began to find footage of running water, snow, ice and fog. Throughout this process we began to make our idea more complex. We agreed on the idea that “Water is the key element to life” and began to look into life processes.

We began to take an interest in foetuses and the way in which they are kept alive by floating in a balloon like sack in the womb. We began to take an interest in animal foetuses and in particular aquatic animals such as fish and octopuses. This became our visual starting point.

Following on from the foetuses we began to take an interest in “living itself” i began to look into cells and the way in which through processes such as ivf and genetic mutation we can be mutilated and manipulated to form someones idea of life.

which led us into researching time passing by and raising the question of “are we living or are we existing”. We are looking around us but are we really taking it in. as a generation are we too self absorbed to take in the natures of the world.


We began to take inspiration at displaying time change through:


Film inspiration

From early on we became interested in the idea of combining short video clips together to create a collaborative short film.

In particular:

The piece itself depicts the act of time passing by. The concept of the piece is dramatic and the piece itself is captivating. The footage he has collected shows the act of people checking the time constantly and people being surrounded by clocks linking to the idea of time passing by around us. Each piece of footage refers to a particular minute or hour these are then matched to time zone that the film is being played.

The piece itself is intense and demands an  undivided attention from the audience, however the act of watching time pass becomes intense for the viewer and naturally we begin to check our watches. in my opinion the short film raises the question of “are we living or just existing” as you spend 24 hours watching clocks countdown the minutes of your life that you are wasting sitting in a room.