Film inspiration

From early on we became interested in the idea of combining short video clips together to create a collaborative short film.

In particular:

The piece itself depicts the act of time passing by. The concept of the piece is dramatic and the piece itself is captivating. The footage he has collected shows the act of people checking the time constantly and people being surrounded by clocks linking to the idea of time passing by around us. Each piece of footage refers to a particular minute or hour these are then matched to time zone that the film is being played.

The piece itself is intense and demands an ¬†undivided attention from the audience, however the act of watching time pass becomes intense for the viewer and naturally we begin to check our watches. in my opinion the short film raises the question of “are we living or just existing” as you spend 24 hours watching clocks countdown the minutes of your life that you are wasting sitting in a room.



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