Artist research Frida Kahlo


The piece ‘Broken column’ (1944) depicts and works as a metaphor for Kahlo’s own physical and mental pain. The shattered stone collum represents her spine however,I think the shattered collum has connotations and aesthetic similarities to a gun,which in turn represents her battles with depression. Also, the gun aesthetic may have been intended to incorporate the bus driver’s guilt and admitted fault. The contrast between her naked body and the use of industrial materials such as nails and a harness highlight the vulnerability of the body itself. The fact that her body is held together by a harness links to a desperate need of keeping “it together.” The vast landscape paired with the silent teardrops that are represented by precisely placed nails, represents the idea of her feeling alone. However, it contrasts to the suffocating and compressive nature of the harness. The piece depicts a bleak self image of despair as even though she is free she is trapped.


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