Developing ideas


I wanted to develop my idea by looking deeper into anatomy, I began to look past the organs and into bones. I began to use Photoshop to edit an image and then mirror it. I then drew this out. However, I was inspired by “The Orgies Mysteries Theatre.” I wanted to use animal carcasses to create an image that would have a pretty aesthetic. However, despite the image emitting simplicity I find the image quite powerful. The carcass itself is of a rat and society deems rats as dirty vermin and are usually seen as pest therefore the stereotypes of the animal contrasts with the beauty of the piece. I began to use ink and bleach to create distortion which highlights the flaws in the mass murder of human desire to kill animals for amusement and pleasure. Similar to Hermann Nitsch I wanted my work to be unapologetic and raw by depicting the carcass for what it really is in its raw state.


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