First ideas



I decided to begin with using the familiar medium pencil. I began by drawing out a ribcage at a small scale with precision as a sample, I then began to sew into It using invisible string to highlight the transparency of the black market and life itself. I wanted the piece to work with light refractions to contrast an image that will attain a pretty aesthetic yet contrast with its sad reality of the concept. I then moved on to drawing at a larger scale. I drew a stomach and wanted to link the stomach to its natural contraction to do this I began crossing the string over itself to create a complex image in a simple design. The string itself was very fragile and the string snapped with pressure and heavy force which related to the pressure on young girls to be thin via society expectations and conditioning. I like the subtlety and 3d effect of each image however to improve I would like to re create it at a larger scale with more tight crossed over string.


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