Sculpture- Initial planning

For our final and biggest assignment we were given the task of creating an impossible sculpture. When I think of impossible I think of material restraint.

My intital thought process was to look into the concept of the preservation of life. I began to look into organs and the black market. I was appalled to find out the fact that In Iran’s legal markets, the price of a kidney ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. On the black market, however, the price may be above $160,000, most of which is taken by middlemen.It affected me that this is the price of life. People are killed for their organs for as little as 2,000 yet on the flip side people are able to live for as little as 2,000. I aimed to make my piece highlight the fragility of life. So to do this I began to look at the conceptual meaning of life by presenting it through material. Ideally I wanted to work with metal and bronze to create bronze organs to convey the idea of celebrating life and putting it on a pedestal, however It would be impossible to be able to use those type of materials.I began to look into the idea of practicality and began  drawing with string due to its delicate yet durable nature.


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