Factory farming research

At this point in the project I wanted to look deeper into what makes our organs healthy. I began looking into body builder’s diets, nutritionist and doctor suggested food intake,  I also began to research multi vitamins. In each type of diet and vitamin I looked at, near enough all contained an animal product and was not suited for vegans.  With the consumption of so much protein I began to look into factory farming and slaughter houses. I was appalled at the treatment of these animals and the living conditions they would face. It was apparent The factory farming industry strives to maximize output while minimizing costs—always at the animals’ expense. My findings raised the question of if people knew about this type of treatment and saw it first hand would they change their mind about buying meat? It also made me wonder if we as consumers could see the male chicks that are killed would we still buy eggs to such an extent? As we are supporting the supply and demand which leads to unnecessary death.


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