Polly Morgan- Stillbirth analysis


The piece “Still birth” (2010) by the artist Polly Morgan focuses on the innocence and angelic nature of the animal. The surrounding jar space could be perceived as an incubator which contrasts with the nature of stillbirth as there is no life to preserve. The helium balloon attached to the chick not only highlights the chicks young age due to the childlike connotations with balloons but also represents the delicateness of life. The juxtaposition between death and life is depicted through the contrast between the helium balloon and the weight that is holding the chick in place. These opposing objects link to the idea of an unwanted and unesccasry death, but also relates to the phrase “gone to soon.” This piece links to and inspires my work. I am interested in the idea of the thought that animals are born to die, they are forced to die without experiencing life. I want to play on the empathetic nature of this and will be using Polly Morgans subtle style to do this.


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