Sarah Lucas- Chicken Knickers


The piece “Chicken Knickers” depicts a chicken carcass being used to represent the female genital area. The chicken carcass orifice has been tactically placed to represent a vulva. The piece itself is a humorous twist on slut shaming. The piece works with the idea that we are branded by men and that virginity as a whole is a concept created by society to shame and oppress women. I like the honesty of this piece its shocking yet striking. The link of sexual objectification and desire is challenged and highlighted through the use of natural and organic material which in turn raises the question of: why are women shamed for a natural process? The chicken carcass saggy nature could relate to the increasing use of pornography and the expectations that It demands from everyday women such as the introduction of the ‘designer vagina,’ The use of the chicken to me represents power and strength in the issue of slut shaming itself. The piece as a whole ambiguous and unforgettable which is something I would like to include in my own work.


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