Really Good –David Shrigley


The piece ‘really good” displays the harmony of the two aspects simplicity and ambiguity. The piece conveys irony but is also deliberately elusive. The piece itself is placed outside Trafalgar square which is widely known for accommodating some of the most famous and hated politicians in the United Kingdom.  The piece suggests relation to recent currant affairs, in particular “Brexit.” The elongated thumb displays a distortion and also a heightened element of humour and sarcasm due to the resemblance of a falice which may have been designed to depict the result of Brexit and the negatice reaction, or even a negative inference at ukip.


“Really good” is a sculpture formed of bronze which in relation to the brexit movement highlights the idea or irreversibility. I feel the piece is intentionally placed on a pedestal that enables it to sit noticeably higher than the house of parliament to suggests that Brexit as a movement will become a historical event. And that it will also shape the lives of people around the world not just the members of parliament.


The beauty of the piece lies within its simplicity and enigmatic qualities. Despite the artificial and mechanical appearance, the piece itself emits a level of positivity and self fulfilling prophecy. “Really Good” links to the patriarchy of Britain, and could also relate to the idea of “typically British things” such as “have a good day” sarcastically said at checkouts and “sorry for all delays on this over ground service” at all popular London stations which in itself adds an element of humour and forces an electric smile due to relativity.


David Shrigleys “Really good” is not only controversial but I admire the idea that it refuses to be unlikeable. The piece  radiates the idea that bad art can prove as much thought as good art[1] there is meaning displayed that is deliberate and elusive yet the meaning is self imposed and self taught. “really good” acts upon and thrives off individual spectualiaion and controversy relating the piece to the mind set of an individual. A divide is created within society in accordance to natural pessimist states in comparison to those of a positive upbeat mind-set. “Really Good” displays the idea of the art work becoming the interpretation of the piece which I feel is the intended outcome due to the subtlety and freedom simplicity allows and encourouges.

[1] R.garnett 2016


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