Polly Morgan-snake pieces

Polly Morgan is well known for her works within taxidermy. Her work mainly consists of natural materials such as wood and marble. Her snake pieces are ambiguous and beautiful in their own right. The pieces don’t seem to convey meaning but focus mainly on the beauty and design of the snake as a whole. The snakes are moulded in such a way that they go against the nature of the snake where they are stereotypically used to convey an idea of fear or evil. They display an element of elegance and in a way act as a still frame displaying beauty and enigma.


The pieces as a whole are a way in which to celebrate and appreciate the form of the snake. The flexibity and malleability of the animal is put on a pedestal and consumes the viewer similar to the characteristics of a snake. Whilst looking at them I became engrossed in not only the positioning of the snake and the magnificence it displayed but I began looking at the skin, the looping shape puts the skin in a limelight. Each scale is visible and the texture paired with the light creates a glow raising the question of would we notice this unknown beauty of the snake if it wasn’t dead? Are we so consumed by fear that we are unable to see the relation the snake skin itself has to the human form? This is a question I want to use and display in my own works.


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