Trevor Heath- artist research


Trevor heath is an artist who pairs abstract works with digital prints. Abstract images are created through the controlled set up of pixilation. The bright colours used are a way in which to create a mesmoring and captivating image and in a way creates a moth effect. As a viewer we are fixated by the lights and maybe even the curiosity of the unknown to get closer to the images to identify its composition. The images themselves are complex yet beautiful they display a resemblance to objects but the image itself projects a loss of control and perhaps even a rhythm in chaos.

The pieces themselves despite being created the same way depict a high level of individualism which is something I want to relate to my choice of material snake skin. The chaos of each image is in a way captivating. The colours “gel” and work together in each one and this display of rhythm and repetitiveness  is something that I would like to experiment with in my own work.


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