Damien Hirst- shark piece

I began to look into the process of aging ie how our skin elasticity decreases over time how we develop wrinkles, how we begin to sag, and how over time we become unable to fight bacterial infection.  I wanted to use this idea in my work by putting age on display. Therefore, I began to look at Damien Hirst and how he displays animals in containers. He is able to preserve life yet simultaneously display the fragility of it.


The piece itself looks at the idea of how as living beings we find it impossible to think about or even confront death. Therefore he has displayed it in a way that is confrontational and in some ways aggressive. The shark itself is a raw representation of fear, as living beings we fear death, we try to cheat it. In many ways we find it hard to accept that in one moment we can be stripped of our lives and there will be nothing.


The piece itself although the shark is on display the four walls surrounding it can be perceived as an incubator linking to the idea of preserving life and in ways referring to how we shield ourselves from death. Living beings don’t spend time thinking about what comes after, we think about what happens in the now. The shark itself as an animal has connotation of creating panic and fear and is Stereotypically used in horror films such as “jaws. “Although the piece  is hard hitting the animal looks peaceful and in some ways angelic but raises the question on whether this is because it is contained linking to the idea of is death less unnerving when we can contain and control it pressing on the thoughts of should we be able to decide who lives and who dies .dhs76_771_0


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