Collagraphs- Stefan Barton

glare-1After looking in depth at the disease osteoporosis I began to look into ways in which I could display the disease in a way that would depict the beauty it displayed under a microscope. I began to layer snake skin upon itself to highlight the texture of the skin itself and the relation it had to the disease. However, it became blocky and began to overpower the fragile nature of not only the disease but the material itself.

I referred back to my previous print work and became interested in the idea of printing. I looked into collagraphs and the way in which it used textures and light to create an image. In particular, I became inspired by Stefan Bartons work the piece “Glare 1” has similarities to a cell under a microscope. The image itself is interesting and highlights an element of decay. The printing method has allowed a texture to become apparent which  has resemblance to possibly mould or even the idea of growing penicillin in a petri dish.

The emphasis on the lighting enables the central image to be the focus of the piece whilst the meaning of the piece as a whole is unknown and purely subjective which is something that I want my piece to mirror. The work relates to my piece in regard to the idea that despite it being a still image it makes you think of your own human body. The petri dish like style enables me to think about what happens within my body such as antibodies, viruses and even the day to day bacteria that survives within me.


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