Artist statement

My piece is based on the coming together of science and art. I worked around the concept of depicting a disease in relation to the human body. I incorporate the idea of our own impending mortality through the use of fragile and exposed material which is snake skin.

My initial idea began with looking at the characteristics of snake skin itself, I was interested in the exposed nature of the skin. Each piece is brittle and raw every piece displays a pattern of scales and a texture that is rough to touch but easy to break. I looked in detail at the relation between snake skin and human skin and began to look into how similar to a snake we grow and “rebirth” ourselves every seven years when all our cells replenish. I began to move on from the skin itself and looked into what happens under it, I did a great deal of research on how as we age the skin is the first tell tale sign to what’s happening in our bodies below the surface. I began to look into how oxygen cells begin to get slower and over time our skin becomes tired and frail our antibodies begin to slow down and overall we begin to die.


After looking into cells I began relating my piece to a snake, what cells do we have as humans that snakes don’t? or have little of? I took an interest in fat cells however my piece began to drift into the bracket of preserving death or even becoming a piece that celebrates life and its fragility. Cells under a microscope is something that I find interesting and also beautiful I began to look into osteoporosis which is also known as the silent killer. I find the disease as a whole so captivating, bones as a whole are dense and strong but as we age they become brittle and this deteriation is something I decided I would display.

I then began to look into the nature of viruses and their chaotic nature in comparison to the structure of osteoporosis. The chaotic positioning of the skin relates to the “hairy” nature of a virus. I found it important to make the piece “3d” the pile of skin on the floor indicates our growth and also incorporates a morbid element to the piece, each piece emphasises the idea that after leaving the safety of the womb every breath we take we are closer to death.

Overall I am pleased with the final outcome of a displayed virus however I would have hoped to display the aesthetics of a virus more efficiently by perhaps incresing the amount of snake skin used to over lap each other and become more 3d. I appreciate the subtlety of the piece but am undecided in whether the piece is too subtle. Is the piece displayed in such a way that mimics the beauty of the structure under a microscope or does the piece display snake skin as a material. On the other hand, the subjective aspect mimics life in regards to  our own individual journey.


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