Making Process- Part 1


I began the making section by recreating the designs I have produced through Photoshop. I plan to make ambiguous amorphic sculptures through the use of layering each one of these on top of each other whilst linking to the fact that there is in fact rhythm in chaos. I have no sculpture Idea in mind the plan is to let the materials work together to create a free flowing constructed shape.

I began by stretching nylon coloured tights and then filling them with cotton wool to enable to tights to retain a shape. At first I became a slave to the image I had created on Photoshop by using elastic bands to recreate the lumps and bumps of the skin tag design, however over time I became more free to the idea and began using pressure to create dents and mould the overall sculpture, I then sewed them together to create a solid product.

Over time I began to experiment with scale, I began to make them even bigger the larger scale made them easier to mould however I like the subtlety of the smaller ones. To continue the making process I will begin to sew them together using my own hair to relate back to the human form.



Sarah Lucas- Artist Research


I began to look into the works of Sarah Lucas an artist who’s focal point is gender in regard to the female form. The pieces are formed and displayed with feminism as a main feature that runs throughout. The works of Sarah Lucas are conceptual and often have an element of humour that aid the sexual intimacy each work exudes.

The tight pieces are intimate, they display sprawled limbs of female bodies. The form of the sculptures are beautiful in their own right and the nature of the material “nylon tights” add an element of eroticism and intimacy. They are abstract yet also subvert again the structured nature of the physical form.

The material tights are not only related to femininity but they have a disposable element to them. The material nylon is thin and fragile and is prone to breakage. This factor enables them to be a material appropriate to display “skin” in my own work. The mouldability and elasticity of them will allow this material to be an appropriate starting point and is something I shall be using in my own work.

Photoshop work-1

skin-taggsI began using photoshops to enable me to envision what sculptures i would be making. I began to produce images that displayed a nature of moulding similar to the artist Felix Decan. These sculptures themselves are formless and in my opinion display little similarity to any material object. I will begin to recreate these in 3d.

Skin tags- Research


The purity of skin is something that i have focused on throughout. I began to view skin as a  mass. Skin tags themselves are an excess of skin however they are fundamentally repulsive to the naked human eye. I plan to begin to pair beauty and repulsion in a sculpture form. The grow and life cycle of the skin tag is something i will begin to focus on.

Felix Deac- Artist Research

Felix Deac works with a focus point of hyperrealism. The sculptures themselves are Amorphic however display a balance of repulsion and beauty. The sculptures are organic masses that simultaiously depict the idea of an artificial life. Physical existence is something that is emitted throughout each piece yet contradict nature through the very idea of delayed/ No signs of decomposition.

The sculpture to me personally displays the nature of sexual intercourse. Fundamentally sex is repulsive and fleshy and repulsive similar to the sculptures.  I find the sculptures to be inviting there is a desire to touch the human like skin, however I wonder if this is due to to the human like characteristics and aspect of familiarity.


Initial planning


I began to look into the skin itself and began to focus on the word elasticity. Elasticity compares the delicacy/ robustness of skin itself. Elasticity displays the responsiveness of the human body in regards to the indulgent in movement yet also morbidly displays how time has passed and the impact it has on the remains of our exterior existence.

Features of capitalism


I began to take a more political approach to my work and decided to look into capitalism vs post capitalism. I began to look into artificial intelligence, virtual intelligence and the plans to make minimum wage jobs automated to remove minimum wage as a whole and thus aiding the plans to make capitalism a thing of the past. Capitalism as a whole contains many aspects that make it an ever growing adaptive learning organism. Capitalism is described as a learning organism as it is able to morph and mutate in response to danger which in turns creates patterns and structures that become barely recognisable to the generations before.


Due to capitalisms complex system it operates beyond the control of individuals and governments. Capitalism works on a global scale and to ditch neoliberalism one of the main aspects of capitalism, enables us to save globalisation. Neoliberalism paired with fiat money led to financialization which leads to breakdown however the system can not do with out it.


Neoliberalism was the rise of global imbalances in trade saving and investment which then led to financilazation where stagnant wages were replaced by borrowing. Leading to the conclusion that our lives have become finacilaized. Therefore, due to the nature of fiat money and central banking the expansion of the economy is based on credit therefore overall money in the finance system is fictional.