Features of capitalism


I began to take a more political approach to my work and decided to look into capitalism vs post capitalism. I began to look into artificial intelligence, virtual intelligence and the plans to make minimum wage jobs automated to remove minimum wage as a whole and thus aiding the plans to make capitalism a thing of the past. Capitalism as a whole contains many aspects that make it an ever growing adaptive learning organism. Capitalism is described as a learning organism as it is able to morph and mutate in response to danger which in turns creates patterns and structures that become barely recognisable to the generations before.


Due to capitalisms complex system it operates beyond the control of individuals and governments. Capitalism works on a global scale and to ditch neoliberalism one of the main aspects of capitalism, enables us to save globalisation. Neoliberalism paired with fiat money led to financialization which leads to breakdown however the system can not do with out it.


Neoliberalism was the rise of global imbalances in trade saving and investment which then led to financilazation where stagnant wages were replaced by borrowing. Leading to the conclusion that our lives have become finacilaized. Therefore, due to the nature of fiat money and central banking the expansion of the economy is based on credit therefore overall money in the finance system is fictional.


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