Simon Bedwell

I began to look into Simon Bedwells ceramic work, I became intrigued by the formlessness nature of each one despite the fact that they are indeed pots which presents a display of purpose. The pots themselves highlight the real nature and moulding of clay. The Ceramics display four major components Mass,Matter,Balance and weight depicting the overall aspiration of depicting art itself as modified and in turn textualised.

I find the work to be beautiful in its own right, the structures are amorphous and display a sort of deflation possibly linking to clay itself being a source left over in the earth. The neutral colour of the works subvert from the constructed and man made aspect of art. Each piece displays an element of pressure and have connotations to minerals such as rocks which in turn highlights the idea of making something definite from nothing.

The effortless nature is something that I would like to encorporate in my upcoming pieces.


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