I continued layering my piece I had some idea of structure at this point in the project however began to begin working downwards to fill the wall behind linking to a parasticial nature. As I began working I began thinking about what the sculpture began to mean to me, I began to have thoughts of bodily functions such as the idea of human births and contractions possibly linking to the strength of each piece holding the other up and in place with a single piece of delicate invisible string.

I began to see the piece as displaying similarities to a vibrant matter, there is no central focus of the piece, its non identity allows the piece to be fetishized relating to possibly restriction in bdsm. The sculpture to me displays an element of thing power, there is a dominant element of experience rather than aesthetic  suggesting the idea of thinking beyond the binary of life matter. The sculpture itself has a presence it is obnoxious and confrontational. Everything collides in life all matters collide with enters and leaves debris which is an idea that I became fond of through the making process. Allowing the sculpture to be brought to life through the aftermath of free will.


Structure influence

I began to take an interest in the aesthetics of my work I wanted to create an equilibrium of chaos and structure. I began to look at ivy walls and their relation to overgrowth, ivy is a plant that is known to spiral out of control however still displays an element of beauty. I liked the nature of ivy and the way in which it becomes almost parasitical in the way in which it chooses a host (a wall) and grows over the actual area to constrict and suffocate the original host.

I also began to relate to my initial idea of displaying a grotesque nature so began to look into tied roast pork. I liked the restriction that is caused by the string allowing the meat to bulge I feel that this has a similar aesthetic to my work as each section interweaves with the next causing a layer effect that displays bulging and obnoxious large overlapping phallic appearances which in turn add a confrontational and possibly aggressive element to my piece.


Artist Research- Louise Bourgeois

I began looking into Louise Bourgeois soft sculpture series. The pieces themselves are considered eccentric however the doll like figures could possibly depict a subtle link to the ideas of freud and his discoveries in relation to children and the projection of sexual fantasies upon dolls.

The sculptures display a prominent aesthetic of interlinking. Limbs interlink with each other whilst paired with the clear depiction of bdsm and feminist themes. The material fabric which Bourgeois uses to make the dolls highlight, the overall feminist aspect of the piece through the idea of women roles in the home and the idea in which women are there to be consumed by the male gaze.

The pieces themselves are beautiful in their own right in regards to the distortion they depict. I am interested in their display and scale linking to the subversion from childhood dolls. Children stuffed toys are designed to provide comfort and are usually small in size to aid this however Bourgeois has made her dolls on a large scale to possibly add a negative spin on the idea of childhood possibly relating to her own cruel childhood.



At this point in the project i had become less focused on structure and more interested in the nature of the material itself. Nylon tights have a large amount of elasticity which when filled enables them to expand and stretch to a size twice their original shape linking to the elasticity and flexibility of skin. I began to fill tights with cotton wool and layer them over each other similar to the human bodies many layers of skin

The sculptures aesthetic links to the digestive system in particular the intestines i personally feel that the fleshy and grotesque nature of the sculpture displays similarities to human functions such as the act of sex and possibly the process of child birth where every organ and muscle compresses and moves to produce and carry new life.



I began to look into the sculptures i had already made and felt that they were a little bit controlled. So i began to strip my idea back to basics and use the literal form of skin to create an image that i could recreate using flexible materials.

Therefore i began to use an image of rabbit skin and place it onto the software photoshop. I like the exposed material and feel that this is an aspect that i will incorporate in my piece.


Joey Holder- artist research


Joey holder is a multimedia artist who relates the network theory to nature. A central focus in her work is the merging of matter that illuminates our relationship with matter. I find similarities in holders work to the works of Martin Coates ie the emphasis on anthromorphism. Holder expresses and highlights the idea that as humans we construct systems as a way to understand the world that we live in.

Joey Holder creates work that acts as a filter for the audience to make sense of the world and comfort the constant desire we have as humans to make sense of it. Her work is not only based on environment issues but also uses science, a lot of her work includes an element of how our eyes process different combinations of light patterns whilst linking this process with the relationship we have between animals, minerals, water etc.

Another scientific element Holder presents in her work is an avid interest in aquponics, which is the process of growing plants without soil. The process itself highlights the blurred lines between the natural and the manufactured, raising the barrier between what we produce as humans and what we call nature.

Another key interest in Holders work is how our bodies are digitized in the sense that our online data enables companies to make money from our data. Therefore, in essence companies digitize our genes highlighting the idea that our genetic code shares similarities to a computer programme code it is this aspect that allows companies to try to quantify us.

Holders recent work displays link to aquatics.In particular the cosmic circle of dna where Holder explores molecular biology cross linked with anthropologists. The eccentric sea creatures Holder displays attempts to show the weird and wonderful products of nature but I feel she also touches on maybe the mutation aesthetic that these creatures have in relation to the aftermath of man made process such as oil spills.

Artist research- Martin Coates

The artist Martin Coates likes to bring the conscious and unconscious world together. A lot of his work focuses on antromorphism and the way in which as humans we find comfort in finding a reflection of ourselves in everything. His work brings these ideas together through his attempt to become an animal.


The piece Dawn chorus is a video installation. The dawn chorus itself is a springtime morning call that male birds will do to defend territory and attract mates. Coates’s idea was to recreate the chorus using human voices. A birdsong is a interesting parallel to human language such as the repetition, masculinity, endurance etc. is reflected in how as humans we use language.


Birds are a main feature in Coates work due to the interest in the cross over of interspecies boundaries. Birds such as parrots mirror us and their use of nesting etc displays a similar culture to our own. However, Coates believes animals aren’t a version of us they are there own autonomous beings, to see the natural behaviour of animals in relation to us completely opaque’s the specialities of the animal itself.