Artist Research- Louise Bourgeois

I began looking into Louise Bourgeois soft sculpture series. The pieces themselves are considered eccentric however the doll like figures could possibly depict a subtle link to the ideas of freud and his discoveries in relation to children and the projection of sexual fantasies upon dolls.

The sculptures display a prominent aesthetic of interlinking. Limbs interlink with each other whilst paired with the clear depiction of bdsm and feminist themes. The material fabric which Bourgeois uses to make the dolls highlight, the overall feminist aspect of the piece through the idea of women roles in the home and the idea in which women are there to be consumed by the male gaze.

The pieces themselves are beautiful in their own right in regards to the distortion they depict. I am interested in their display and scale linking to the subversion from childhood dolls. Children stuffed toys are designed to provide comfort and are usually small in size to aid this however Bourgeois has made her dolls on a large scale to possibly add a negative spin on the idea of childhood possibly relating to her own cruel childhood.



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