I continued layering my piece I had some idea of structure at this point in the project however began to begin working downwards to fill the wall behind linking to a parasticial nature. As I began working I began thinking about what the sculpture began to mean to me, I began to have thoughts of bodily functions such as the idea of human births and contractions possibly linking to the strength of each piece holding the other up and in place with a single piece of delicate invisible string.

I began to see the piece as displaying similarities to a vibrant matter, there is no central focus of the piece, its non identity allows the piece to be fetishized relating to possibly restriction in bdsm. The sculpture to me displays an element of thing power, there is a dominant element of experience rather than aesthetic  suggesting the idea of thinking beyond the binary of life matter. The sculpture itself has a presence it is obnoxious and confrontational. Everything collides in life all matters collide with enters and leaves debris which is an idea that I became fond of through the making process. Allowing the sculpture to be brought to life through the aftermath of free will.


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