Structure influence

I began to take an interest in the aesthetics of my work I wanted to create an equilibrium of chaos and structure. I began to look at ivy walls and their relation to overgrowth, ivy is a plant that is known to spiral out of control however still displays an element of beauty. I liked the nature of ivy and the way in which it becomes almost parasitical in the way in which it chooses a host (a wall) and grows over the actual area to constrict and suffocate the original host.

I also began to relate to my initial idea of displaying a grotesque nature so began to look into tied roast pork. I liked the restriction that is caused by the string allowing the meat to bulge I feel that this has a similar aesthetic to my work as each section interweaves with the next causing a layer effect that displays bulging and obnoxious large overlapping phallic appearances which in turn add a confrontational and possibly aggressive element to my piece.



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