Conjoining life, body functions and contractions and death.

I began to look into the idea of muscle contraction as skin itself acts as a container, its durable and flexible nature is designed to conceal, contain and mask our bodily fluids and overall bodily functions. The skin paradoxically is the first tell tale sign of foreign internal body concerns such as the idea as cancerous tumour lumps whilst also simultanesouly being the container that allows it to thrive.

Furthering the internal approach to the body i began to look into muscle restrictions and contractions such as a further examination into female menstrual cramping, and child birth. I also wanted to look into the digestive process and raise the question of why we find things that come out of our bodies such as excrement to grotesque? is this due to the pure and naive outlook that our skins opaque nature has protected us from?

The strength of the body, the mutations that it undergoes are all concealed by the film layer that we call skin, i want my piece to delve deeper into the body itself unapologetically, unconcealed. I want my work to remove the innocence and beauty of the body that skin has allowed us to naively consume and accept. The aesthetic that skin has created around the body is false it is a natural shield that we passively accept but i intend for my piece to depict it is a container to what goes on inside the body not skin becoming the end product of human anatomy.



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