Initial idea to end

My initial idea was concerned with displaying a beauty about skin, I became interested in displaying skin and skin diseases in a light that displayed them as aesthetically inviting. I began to look into conditions such as osteoporosis and used snake skin to illuminate the fragile and delicate nature of it. I used snake skin as it was aesthetically fragile yet paradoxically robust. I also wanted to incorporate its human like characteristics such as how our human cells regernate every seven years as we grow a snake sheds it skin to create a whole new barrier that is skin to protect it from the world.

I began to notice that I was conforming to society’s idea of perfection. Aesthetics is something that we have been taught to perfect and have been given tools to conceal anything on our bodies that does not conform to society’s standards.  Therefore, I began to look into grotesque body functions that can be displayed with feelings that we may denote as beautiful. For example, the idea of feeling full is caused by the grotesque function of digestion which involves the unpleasant organ of the intestines. I wanted to remove the act of concealment that skin creates, it contains all organs and its opaque nature allows us to be naieve about what goes on inside leading to the disgust we face when we see vomit or feaces.

My idea began to change in relation to society expectations I wanted to make skin transparent so that the viewer could see the beauty in what goes on underneath. Could possibly go so far to say I wanted to find beauty in things that are deemed as grotesque by society but are actually a necessity for the things in life we find beautiful such as the birth of a child.


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