Caspar Heinemann- Artist Talk

Caspar Heinemann is an artist who expresses and exposes the differentiation between artists and their artwork. Heinemann displays a political interest that is intertwined within the artwork possibly by creating art that is deemed unsellable linking to the liberation of making art that is deemed valueless possibly highlighting an anti capitalist and anti facist approach to all works.

Heinemanns medium of “art” is poetry and sculpture both defy the pressure of being an artist through the rejection of continuous production. Heinemann raises the question of “what am i doing vs what i should be doing” and relates this to paradoxical theme of nourishment and desire over production and lack. ¬†Heinemann aims to display the fact that art can come from practicality and necessity due to the fast paced nature of the art world where artists are pushed to make art.

I really enjoyed this artist talk as i felt that the absence of work really related to personal views that were projected by heinemann. The idea of literature being portrayed as an art work gives me an idea of how i can incorporate political views into my work through the use of projection of voice/ sound. I find poetry to be a simplistic yet powerful way of displaying views and a way in which to display important manifestos.


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