PRE final installation

I was conflicted on how to hang the wax balls and didn’t want to fall into the trap of hanging every single ball just because i made it and because i spent time on it. Therefore i did two plans.

In the initial plan i varied the balls, instead of using 12 i used 7 of them and created a lot of distance between each ball. I liked this however i felt it looked a little sparse so i decided i would add a few more. After adding more i realised i would need an even number on each chain, otherwise there would either be a large gap at the top of the chain or a large gap at the bottom.

Once i had hung the balls i realised the weight of the balls meant that the chains either leant more to the left or the the right which meant the positioning of the balls had to be differentiated on each chain. So if one ball was on the right of the chain, the chain adjacent to it would have to have the ball on the left. If i hadn’t of positioned them this way they would have clashed together.


(initial plan) 31948034_1671257439661484_8058533359506161664_n31890849_1671257342994827_5619580796869279744_n31870251_1671257446328150_5605037745547247616_n



(final plan) 31841594_1671257296328165_4743073985749581824_n31739059_1671257232994838_9072675953859100672_n


When it came to positioning the balls i was unclear on many things. I had made 12 balls in total and because there was three chains i planned to put 4 balls on each chain to aid the underlying idea of duplication and symmetry that remains in the work.

Despite the chains being similar in length they were not exactly equal, therefore it would be impossible to get exact symmetry. Each ball was not a perfect replica. Due to some holding more wax they were larger, in addition to this due to the complex design of the modrock moulds some had more texture, therefore i would just place them aesthetically.

When placing them on the chains i had to be careful to create distance to the one hanging beside it, as even though id measured the distance between each chain precisely, due to the balls varying in size and being larger than i imagined they would knock each other and look conjoined which wasn’t what i wanted the sculpture to look like.

Before i placed them onto the chains i decided i would polish them with white spirit as this made them shiny and also emphasised the texture i had spent a long time with the hot air gun trying to emphasise.


After deciding i would exhibit the collages instead of the balloons, i began to think about materiality and how this would link and juxtapose the chains.

Initially i thought i would want to use wood as the metal chains hung from a wooden beam, however i wanted the chains beam to be irrelevant to my final piece as i liked the idea of the chains appearing to be free falling. I liked the idea of having two separate works that were disjointed aesthetically but jointed conceptually, therefore i decided i would use completely different material and completely different colours to the chain piece.

I decided to go for black,bold plastic frames that i would hang at eye level in a landscape position. I wanted them to be symmetrical in regards to measurement as this would add some normality and possibly comfort to the viewer who will be in the space. I did question whether i should paint them white as i felt that the collage itself was already bold. However, because the wall is large i felt that i should make the collages authoritative in this space. I also felt that by doing this it would challenge the chains and further highlight the element of the chains juxtaposition to its environment.

The frames display a clear juxtaposition to the materiality of the chains, however they enforce and aid the element of human relation to space.


Monika Sosnowska

Monika Sosnowska is a polish artist who uses space as a canvas, the space is used to display a sort of 3 dimensional painting. Sosnowska treats space as the medium element for her work and designs projects to fit into the space she has designated and created. Sosnowska transforms physical space into something more vast, she attempts to transform physical space, into a mental space which therefore conjoins the way we view the work to the way the space makes us feel, which plays on the element of human existence, and our personal position in the space and the impact it has.

The piece  “Structural Exercises”  presents seven sculptural works all of which are inspired by her home countries socialist past. All sculptures of work are constructed from materials that are linked to constructionist low paid jobs a clear depiction of the socialist power of the working class.  The materials used are materials like concrete and reinforcing rods. These are common materials used in construction jobs and have been used to reflect the dominant political and social systems that are apparent in society. In addition to this, the piece can be described as a busy scene, a sensory overload. All pieces of work juxtapose eachother some are linear and slick whilst others are chaotic and abstract, possibly displaying a clear contrast between the discipline of bourgeois culture and the chaotic nature of the working class work load.

I like how each sculpture claims a space yet it does not correlate with the work adjacent to it. No sculpture mirrors another and is more of a depiction of claiming space than a curation of aesthetic pairing. When choosing the work i will be displaying as a final piece display  I would like to take into consideration some of the methods that this artist uses. Sosnowaska takes into consideration the movement of people, each sculpture confronts you, it traps you in a space forcing you to confront the issues at hand. Therefore I would like to display work that  will trap an audience, make them feel enclosed but not overpowered. I want the space to compliment the work, and depict a thought process that is validated by the work, not just be a wide space that has walls, installation_view_monika_sosnowska._structural_exercises_hauser__wirth_london,_20179__large




Three installations for three elements

After the balloon installation not going to plan, i began to wonder if i could depict the three different elements, with three different installations. I began too look back over my collages and noticed that they related to human experience and human relations more than any of the other sculptures i had made.

I felt that the chains displayed a strong juxtaposition of material

The balloons displayed a strong juxtaposition of material to environment

The collages displayed a strong connection to human relation and connection with environment

Therefore i began to wonder if i would be able to use the collages to create a separation between both sculpture installations. I decided to look into the artist Monika Sosnowska, an artist who uses space as a canvas. To see how she creates a divide within her work.

Balloon display rethink

When looking at the display of balloons and the chains together i began to wonder if my environment had become “too busy.” A main element of my work was to be human relation and the way in which we respond to environments, however, i began to feel that this element was overshadowed by the chaos in this small environment. The balloons are interesting however paired with the chains, i think the large dominant characteristics of them clash and create an environment that feels overwhelming and forceful which i feel instead of aiding a human relation element it dissolves it.

By the environment being too loud, and too much going on i personally found it difficult to feel any type of way in the space, in fact i found the environment so chaotic that i didn’t really notice the size, shape or narrowed nature of the space. This is a problematic aspect, as the space of the work correlates to the way in which the viewer feels which in turn aids the understanding of my work.

I will need to rethink displaying the balloons, as despite spending time on them I’m not entirely sure it fits in with my ideal finalised image.