Artist Statement


This final piece displays a contrast between two materials that both have a connotation towards skin. The piece as a whole was inspired by the anatomical differences between male, female and intersex. The main focus for my sculpture was the piece of skin that intersex females are born with, it prevents penetration as it is stretched over the opening of the vagina and wideing tools plus reconstruction are used to rectify it. I began to focus on this specific part as I personally saw a beauty within it, it’s a piece of skin that shows no mercy and is a small barrier between what is male and what is female. When creating this piece, I wanted to depict the natural flexibility of it therefore I chose a material that would naturally mould a shape but yet be able to be interacted with by the public. I wanted the sculptures to be confrontational in a way by suggesting there is beauty in something that medical establishments and society want to erase and control.  The fact that without context the audience where unable to guess what my work was about was unintentional but something I encouraged. I wanted them to build a relationship with my piece, whether that be by touching it, smelling it or taking photos with it they are building a relationship with something that society find repulsive and “unnatural.” They are also unintentionally disagreeing with medical establishments who regard it as an abnormality, which in turn therefore feel they have a right to poke and prod to remove.

The inspiration for my art work came from many artsists, the concept for my art was mainly derived from Egon Shiele paintings, I found the raw portrayal of sexuality intense yet aesthetically pleasing I also found the paintings to be very expressive something that I don’t really engage with in paintings. For the actual sculptural aspect of it I was inspired by the artist Maria Bartuszova, I felt that her work depicted the balance between freedom and confinement her actual work was made through the use of pouring plaster into moulds then moulding them however her works looked like they had been made freely.

Overall I was pleased with the outcome of my work however I would like to make changes, I would have made them so that they didn’t need the background material possibly a similar style to Helen Chadwick’s “Piss Flowers.” I would also try to make them on a bigger scale so that they can be interacted with to a larger degree, I would possibly even consider hanging them from ceilings so that the audience would be able to weave in and out of them to encourage a strong physical relationship between artwork and piece. Despite the changes I would like to make I am still pleased with the outcome that I will use as my starting point for my summative piece.


Final Display


Alternating the height of each one really made a difference as i feel not only did it look better aesthetically, it also made it more interactive which is something that i wanted. I wanted the audience to be able to feel it and smell it,  i wanted a relationship to be built between them, throughout the evening a lot of people asked me what it actually was and once id explained they seemed to have a completely different idea however i was not bothered by this because my whole piece is looking at the beauty of not conforming and that is something my piece excelled in ; displaying beauty that is unconventional.

Week 9


Final outcome- After a long tiring two days i finally finished surprisingly they are quite durable despite the weight of them. At this point i noticed that the heat i had used and also the weight of each had stretched the background material meaning they were now uneven and uncentered.

Despite that i feel that the materials conjoin and compliment each other well however due to them being uneven and un central i will need to reconsider my way of presenting them when i get to installing in space gallery.

Week 8

I began my making process by using two types of material, one was a white pillow case cut into strips and another was a more dense material that was a sort of light brown colour, i intended to use two different types of material so that i could use highlight and shadow in my piece.

once i cut all the strips out of both materials i applied about 25 thin  layers of latex to each, however i soon realised that it seemed to cling better to the white pillow case material, this was a little annoying as making these strips were more time consuming than you would think, i also tried to vary the size so that when it came to putting it all together i would have some variation to work with.

After creating these for a week and a half i decided to trim and neaten them all then ditch all the ones i didn’t want, in future i will do a test run when using different materials to see which one i would prefer before fully committing to it and wasting time.

Oreet Ashery


Oreet Ashrey

Oreet Ashrey is an artist who’s work engages with political views, Ashrey merges politics and the eccentric to create not only majestic but important art. Ashrey is interested in expanding the notions of art therefore Ashery works with not only basic performance art such as music and costume but also education, distribution, research and also activism.

The piece “The World is Flooding” is a performance piece that related to the victimization of immigrants. I think the piece displays and raises issues such as colonialism and relates to the death of of immigrants when trying to cross the border to give their families a happier, healthier life due to their homes being destroyed due to no fault of their own.

week 7- Sourcing materials

At this point in the project i knew exactly what i wanted to do, i wanted to paint but with material. i wanted to create paintings that could be hung on a wall but simultaneously be sculpture based therefore i need to create a canvas. However i wanted something neutral therefore i wanted a material such as faux leather to create an aesthetic of skin on skin contact.

When choosing material i needed to consider that this material must have an element of not only durability to be able to hold weight that would essentially be perturbing from it, but it also must be able to stretch so that it could be easily nailed into the wall.

I went to Fabric world and decided on a lino type material as it would be able to retain shape, hold weight and also be able to withstand heat that would come from not only a hairdryer but also a hot glue gun.

I bought a meter of this material and also 7 bottles of latex, this ended up being quite a high percentage over budget however after much research i realised this was the best material i could use.

Week 6- Visiting galleries

IMG_3528Marta Bartuszova-Folded Figure 1965

After space gallery Vanessa and I decided to go to the Tate Modern Gallery to get some inspiration for our own works. Whilst there i noticed the above piece that displays a relationship between forms, the piece depicts the elements interlocking.

To me the piece is vulnerable despite the material being plaster, i really love the display of the natural folds of moulding material, i think the neutral white colour really works and adds to the element of fragility. The fact that it is displayed in a glass container rather than freely on a plinth suggest a possible self assurance and confidence about the piece. The idea that it cannot be touched and the human senses are unable to interact creates a sort of privacy about the piece which is something that i would like to rebel against in my own work.