PRE final installation

I was conflicted on how to hang the wax balls and didn’t want to fall into the trap of hanging every single ball just because i made it and because i spent time on it. Therefore i did two plans.

In the initial plan i varied the balls, instead of using 12 i used 7 of them and created a lot of distance between each ball. I liked this however i felt it looked a little sparse so i decided i would add a few more. After adding more i realised i would need an even number on each chain, otherwise there would either be a large gap at the top of the chain or a large gap at the bottom.

Once i had hung the balls i realised the weight of the balls meant that the chains either leant more to the left or the the right which meant the positioning of the balls had to be differentiated on each chain. So if one ball was on the right of the chain, the chain adjacent to it would have to have the ball on the left. If i hadn’t of positioned them this way they would have clashed together.


(initial plan) 31948034_1671257439661484_8058533359506161664_n31890849_1671257342994827_5619580796869279744_n31870251_1671257446328150_5605037745547247616_n



(final plan) 31841594_1671257296328165_4743073985749581824_n31739059_1671257232994838_9072675953859100672_n


When it came to positioning the balls i was unclear on many things. I had made 12 balls in total and because there was three chains i planned to put 4 balls on each chain to aid the underlying idea of duplication and symmetry that remains in the work.

Despite the chains being similar in length they were not exactly equal, therefore it would be impossible to get exact symmetry. Each ball was not a perfect replica. Due to some holding more wax they were larger, in addition to this due to the complex design of the modrock moulds some had more texture, therefore i would just place them aesthetically.

When placing them on the chains i had to be careful to create distance to the one hanging beside it, as even though id measured the distance between each chain precisely, due to the balls varying in size and being larger than i imagined they would knock each other and look conjoined which wasn’t what i wanted the sculpture to look like.

Before i placed them onto the chains i decided i would polish them with white spirit as this made them shiny and also emphasised the texture i had spent a long time with the hot air gun trying to emphasise.

Miroslaw Balka

Miroslaw Balka is an artist who displays elements as separate pieces of work. The works he creates depicts an element of separation and distance. This is highlighted by the juxtaposition of materials and their non existant relationship with eachother. Each piece of work is created with precision, as each piece is created with precise measurements which is designed to depict a corporal element.

The piece [diameter]7,5 x 159 x 16,5 – 195 x 47 x 90 – [diameter]6 x 18 cm is a set of three objects, a wooden sculpture that presents a table is displayed. It is constructed of softwood and coated with chalk and glue. Foam is also used within the table sculpture, it is soaked in salt which has crystalised, Balka has previously noted that he uses salt to represent a trace of himself. In relation to the idea of constructing each piece, the salt could possibly be used in a way to present his manual labour, i.e. his perspiration. Alongside the table sculpture, on a separate wall is a steel pipe that also contains salt, and then in the middle of the floor is a steel cylinder object. The salt in each piece combines them together, yet the actual materiality of each one does not link or interact with one another.[diameter]7,5 x 159 x 16,5 - 195 x 47 x 90 - [diameter]6 x 18 cm 1991 by Miroslaw Balka born 1958

I like the distance of this piece and the subtle linking of each one. On the surface it appears that each object juxtaposes one another however underneath the aesthetics they relate in regards to human interaction which is obtainable through the construction. I would like to use the link between separation and conjoinment in my own work as I feel that it  aids the idea that everything is not as it originally appears.

Installation continued

For the installation i felt that i began pre occupied with everything merging, i am attempting to essentially display 3 different elements and display them through three different objects, each of which are different materials and different mediums. Because of the enclosed space i am installing in everything seems conjoined which has positives but also negatives.

This was a major block for me, as i began to question the space i had picked to present in and wondered if the separated regimented nature of the collages in frames would create a barrier between the two instalments. With the installation i wanted separate pieces of work but an underlying containment which is in fact a difficult task as i began to realise. Therefore i decided i would look at the artist Miroslav Balka, an artist who displays separate pieces of works all in one space.


After deciding i would exhibit the collages instead of the balloons, i began to think about materiality and how this would link and juxtapose the chains.

Initially i thought i would want to use wood as the metal chains hung from a wooden beam, however i wanted the chains beam to be irrelevant to my final piece as i liked the idea of the chains appearing to be free falling. I liked the idea of having two separate works that were disjointed aesthetically but jointed conceptually, therefore i decided i would use completely different material and completely different colours to the chain piece.

I decided to go for black,bold plastic frames that i would hang at eye level in a landscape position. I wanted them to be symmetrical in regards to measurement as this would add some normality and possibly comfort to the viewer who will be in the space. I did question whether i should paint them white as i felt that the collage itself was already bold. However, because the wall is large i felt that i should make the collages authoritative in this space. I also felt that by doing this it would challenge the chains and further highlight the element of the chains juxtaposition to its environment.

The frames display a clear juxtaposition to the materiality of the chains, however they enforce and aid the element of human relation to space.


Experimenting with the final display

After feeling that the balloons were too overpowering for the space i had decided to exhibit in, i decided that i would experiment with the collages i had made, as these were a better fit in regard to linking space and material. I decided to use the collage series 2, as it linked more to the environment i am exhibiting in. All background spaces depicted in the collages, are well known and are small spaces, a similar environment to what my area mirrors.

After looking at the artist Monika Sosnowska, i did attempt to combine all three pieces of work, however i felt that it just looked chaotic, and was a sensory overload which would take away the affect of the small space. I feel that if i had chosen a larger space this would have been successful, but on the other hand, by doing this i would not be able to make the audience feel secluded and confined in a specific area which is an important catalyst to relating to the work.