week 7- Sourcing materials

At this point in the project i knew exactly what i wanted to do, i wanted to paint but with material. i wanted to create paintings that could be hung on a wall but simultaneously be sculpture based therefore i need to create a canvas. However i wanted something neutral therefore i wanted a material such as faux leather to create an aesthetic of skin on skin contact.

When choosing material i needed to consider that this material must have an element of not only durability to be able to hold weight that would essentially be perturbing from it, but it also must be able to stretch so that it could be easily nailed into the wall.

I went to Fabric world and decided on a lino type material as it would be able to retain shape, hold weight and also be able to withstand heat that would come from not only a hairdryer but also a hot glue gun.

I bought a meter of this material and also 7 bottles of latex, this ended up being quite a high percentage over budget however after much research i realised this was the best material i could use.


Week 6- Visiting galleries

IMG_3528Marta Bartuszova-Folded Figure 1965

After space gallery Vanessa and I decided to go to the Tate Modern Gallery to get some inspiration for our own works. Whilst there i noticed the above piece that displays a relationship between forms, the piece depicts the elements interlocking.

To me the piece is vulnerable despite the material being plaster, i really love the display of the natural folds of moulding material, i think the neutral white colour really works and adds to the element of fragility. The fact that it is displayed in a glass container rather than freely on a plinth suggest a possible self assurance and confidence about the piece. The idea that it cannot be touched and the human senses are unable to interact creates a sort of privacy about the piece which is something that i would like to rebel against in my own work.

Week 6- Visiting Space Gallery


This week we visited space gallery in hackney, we were presented with an empty space where we all had to decide where we would go,how we would transport our work and how all our works correlated with each other and we also had to set limits for how big our work could be and relate our works to issues we would face such as where the power sources were located, will the gallery allow us to hang heavy pieces of work due to their own health and safety rules.

We also had the issue of mediums as in some people where doing film where they wanted a dark space however for works such as paintings and sculptures some of us wanted bright and natural light therefore we all had to work together to agree on not only space but lighting equipment too. This was a really good experience as there was more to curating that i thought and also there is an aspect of relying on others, we all decided on what tech equipment we would need and who would transport it too and from the gallery.

Latex Works


I was pleased with the texture of the outcomes however learnt that for me the piece with the thinner layers of latex and the one without the flour (first image) work better. I also learnt that both looked better with the added feature of natural light and if this is a material that i would like to work with that when exhibiting in Space gallery it will be beneficial for me to chose a spot that has access to natural light, possibly somewhere near a window or door.

Latex works


I began by pouring latex in layers onto a plastic carrier bag to enable it to retain a shape, i began to learn that latex seemed to dry better when i allowed it to naturally dry when i was using a hairdryer to speed up the process it began to create lumps in the layer that would not dry and as i began to carve into them they would burst spreading fresh latex everywhere.

I also found that each one took about 20-30 layers to create the thick texture i wanted which became time consuming in addition to this i got the best results by enabling two days of natural drying time.

i also experimented with adding flour to the mixture to speed up thickening time however this created “flour lumps” that eventually became infused with bacteria and created mould.

Onto my latex sheets i drew out the photoshop creations then began to carve into them using a scalpel this was quite a delicate and time consuming task as if i cut to deep it would cause rips whereas if i didn’t cut deep enough it would only cause a slight scratch which was not the texture i intended.

As a whole each one took three days to create.

Week 5- Research

For week 5 i decided i would research and experiment, i wanted to bring some of the images that i made on photoshop and bring them to life, i wanted a material that would be flexible and durable and also similar to flesh.

I decided that i would work with latex, it has a resilience to wear and tear which is necessary for transporting to and from university, i also liked the idea that latex is naturally derived from the milk plant enabling it to contain proteins which is similar to the natural dna make up of the human body, The fact that latex is bulildable means that i would be able to layer it on top of each other to create a texture and height that i would be able to adapt to whatever medium i wanted to pair it with, i.e. if i wanted to carve into it, draw onto it or even paint.

Latex has a distinct after smell and the drying process is activated by heat therefore this is a factor that i would have to be conscious of when trying to work in the studio when crits and screenings etc are taking place.

Rose Ann Gush


Rose Ann Gush

Rose ann gush is a feminist artsist whos project looks at body art and the relationship that art has between final product and artisitic labour. Gush explores violations in feminist art and literature in particular the way in which young women are depicted in cinematography. Gush is also interested in the body in particular the externalization of the body.

In a sense Gushs own works have become a critical analysis of others, her work displays a mix of communication and criticism that is vocalized through the art she creates.