Week 4- Photoshop images


This was the last image of the series and I feel that it is the most successful, this one was heavily inspired by Egon Schieles painting style. I think that the image withholds a confidence as the image is bold but this may be due to the use of colour. My next step from this will be to some how make the image 3d. As i feel like sculpture as a medium would portray my thought process better due to the interaction and room activation qualities it allows.


Week 4- photoshop images


This one was similar to the previous one however i decided to make the image bolder, i feel that the image fits however i dont think it is “neat” i feel that to improve i need to make my images sharper to really convey a beauty and challenge the idea of identity.

Week 4- Photoshop experiments


i began working with photoshop to try and create images that where parts of human bodies pieced together  to create an image that was recognised as subtle yet regarded as aesthetically pleasing.

I found this process in particular difficult as the only images i could find of naked bodies where incredibly pornagraphic and my aim was to in a sense normalise and accentuate,the beauty of the uniqueness of intersex not produce something that could be sexualised. Therefore i began to look at painters such as Jenny Saville and Egon Shiele to gain inspiration on how they have been able to pair sexuality with beauty.

Hannah Hocke


I began to look at Hockes work, i loved the fluidity in her work everything seemed to fit perfectly in place to create images that were subtle, gentle but also mesmorising to me the images are designed in a way that enables everything to look perfectly in place but subtly abstract.

This is something that i will attempt to incorporate in my work, i want to make a piece that is fluid and challenge the audience by addressing the question of “is there beauty in finding a equilibrium between two things that don’t necessarily belong”

Week 3- Collage


I felt that these were the best 3 of the bunch mainly because each image has no centralised  focus point. Despite being made up of pornagraphic images i  feel that they have a sort of elegance to them, i would agree that they are confrontational images and possibly challenge the viewer in regards to not being able to gain aesthetic pleasure of the naked bodies due to the dominance of the background images.

Week 3


i began to make collages where i would super impose images of naked women onto stereotypical masculine images. These images display an idea of “not belonging and and out of place” aspect.

I will begin to look into the works of Hannah Hock to try and create images that “gel” together better and display a eutrophic and beauty element in regards to the idea of not identifying as either male or female.